Unit Complex / Body Corporate

Every building is different and needs a specific recycling & waste solution.
Many body corporates are unaware that in the Darwin City Council precinct they can be exempt from the councils waste services and charges and use a private contractor. If a residential apartment complex has more than 25 units it can be exempt from the Council’s service – this means you don’t pay for it!

Reasons why body corporates opt for ntrs include:

  • flexibility of service pick-ups – for example, your bins are full after a long weekend and your standard pick up may not be for a few days. Just ring ntrs and have them provide an extra service when you need it.
  • ntrs provides bins that suit the complex – not everything we throw out fits in the standard 240L bin so NTRS offers a range of bin sizes and shapes which best suit the building and its tenants. If it fits in a bin it is out of the way and tidy.
  • ntrs has developed innovative recycling and waste solutions for a range of residential and commercial buildings for the Australian Government, NT Government and various private organisations.
  • ntrs recycle a greater range of materials than all other services available which means less waste to landfill.

To have ntrs help with your recycling and waste needs call 8984 1500 or send ntrs an email.