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Smarter waste

mass_recyclingWere not just smart at recycling.

As the largest privately owned waste management company in the Territory, we are very smart when it comes to managing all of your waste.

Whatever your waste disposal needs, we will devise and deliver a solution that  is responsive, hassle free, safe and offers real value for money.

Our range of equipment, services and solutions ensures that whatever your disposal needs, ntrs can provide the most cost effective and environmentally responsible solution.

Think smarter waste, think ntrs.

Smarter Recycling

Our core business is recycling so we care about what goes in your bin.  Recycling reduces landfill, minimises environmental impact and climate change.

We feel so strongly about the benefits of recycling to both the environment and your wallet that we offer waste audits and training sessions. These enable us to customise an effective waste management plan to recover as much recyclable waste as possible.